Open House Meditation Every Sunday

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Our meditation classes this month

Open House Meditation every Sunday 16.00 – 17.30 (Suggested donation)


Welcome to the Meditation Helensburgh Centre where you learn how to connect to your true power and attain inner peace through meditation.

Relax your body and heal your mind by meditating.

Thank you very much for your interest in attending our meditation classes.
We are pleased to know that some participants have considerable experience of practising meditation.

We would like to inform that we have adjusted our Saturday classes as follows to give each Saturday a theme:

· Meditation class for beginners twice every month
· Learning Buddhism with meditation once every month
· Grand activity once on the middle Saturday every month

The above gives participants the opportunity to choose suitable classes. Moreover, it allows participants to have a progression to their meditation knowledge and experience.

Our temple would like to see participants of every level at all the above classes.

Basic Format:

The meditation will last for approximately 45 minutes, the teaching monk may give verbal instructions for the first few minutes whilst you are settling your mind. At the end of the meditation there will be a short break of about 15 minutes for refreshment. Then there will be a 45 minute talk given by the teaching monk about a particular aspect of meditation with the chance to ask questions at the end.


Meditation is free for everyone. There is a suggested donation of £1 for refreshments which you can leave in the small bowl on the refreshment table. Dhammakaya is a moral movement that relies on the good will of everyone who finds benefit in its teaching.

All are welcomed.